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28 December 2017

The Easiest Way To Salt Samon At Home? Crispbread With Mashed Avocado And Salted Salmon

After living in Germany for 4 years now I can with confidence and big disappointment say: people do not cook here. Ok, not to be very negative. They do cook. But very rarely and if they do - then rather something very easy and quick and usually unhealthy. No wonder that obesity has become a big problem here since the last decades. My impression is that with all the food industry offers us people got so lazy that they stopped caring anymore... Eat to live?!

Coming originally from Ukraine I find it very positive that we were taught to cook from childhood. Home-made pies, Sunday pancakes, fresh warm food every day. That is what I have been brought up with. And that is what I am going to go on with when building my family traditions. Because what could be better than a wonderful cozy morning with pancakes flavours flowing around, children making their own pancakes in different forms and filling them with various fillings, big hot pot of tea standing on the table and everyone united by this nice tradition.
YES, I am a big fan of food and I make my memories often related to food or flavours that I tried or ever experienced. And this is the right way to do I think. We live only once! We have to do it good. Therefore today I prepared a gourmet recipe for you: home-salted salmon, a family recipe from my mom that always work.
300 g salmon fillet with skin (can be less or more depending on your wished amount of salted salmon)
3 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
In order to salt salmon at home you need to wash the fillet carefully in cold water, soak the rests of the water with a paper towel. Prepare a food box with a lid or some deep bowl where you will keep the salmon.

Then mix salt and sugar in a separate bowl. The proportion is always 3:1. If you have a much bigger piece you might need more salt and sugar. No worries, the fish will take only the amount it needs. So just keep the proportion three portions of salt to one portion of sugar. Rub the proportion into the fish and put it into the food container or a bowl. Keep it in the fridge for 3 days and then take it out, wash slightly under the cold water to remove the rests of salts which is not needed. And Voilà! Your home-salted salmon is ready to be eaten.

I personally love the combination of salmon with avocado. Therefore I propose an easy recipe to enjoy it.
4 whole-wheat crispbread slices (in Germany it is called Knäckerbrot)
1 avocado mashed
12 slices of salmon
dill for decoration
black pepper
Just put some mashed avocado on the crispbread, cover it with salmon and decorate with dill and freshly ground black pepper. Easy, right? That is the way from home-made to gourmet!

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