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3 January 2015

Sweet date candy-balls

You are working hard and find no time for yourself, time is running crazy and you wish a day had at least 48 hours so that you could stop and enjoy for a while? Welcome to our world full of crazy rushing faces. And now think of one thing that will keep you aside and blow you away to an island of your dreams.... What could be better than a sweet treat?! It is a little tiny things ready to conquer your heart. And in moderation brings you no harm.

Food processor makes miracles from simple ingredients, so just grab it and get ready. The result - 20 sweet candy-balls - the best alternative to chocolate bars and sweets full of sugar and harmful saturated fats.

200 g oat flakes
200-250 g pitted dates
1 tbsp molasses (or rice syrup)
1 tbsp bran
coconut, grounded nuts, sesame

Grind the oat flakes in a food processor, add pitted dates and go on grinding.

I used molasses to provide the balls with some extra flavor and sweetness. If you can't find one, put the same quantity of organic honey of our choice.

You will get a sticky mixture ready to be rolled into mouth-sized balls. Go ahead and use your creativity. You can make any shape you like and roll it in coconut, grounded nuts or sesame... Whatever tasty you can find in the kitchen.

And now stop, sit, and enjoy! Because you've earned a little bit of relaxing. Leave bad energy and negative thoughts behind. Think positive and eat healthy. Because it is easy, tasty and always a good idea ;)

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