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24 March 2015

Internorga. Innovative. Inspiring. International.

As a big fan of all new and unknown, I could not miss the upcoming exhibition. Germany's yearly international trade fair for food services, hotels, catering, bakeries and confectioners took place 13-18 March. On Saturday I could not stay calm until we finally entered the first hall with my husband. Curiosity overwhelmed and the nerves were not patient. So many expectations were in my mind. 

A little summary for you: on the area of 100.000 sq.m. 1300 participants from 25 countries presented their products in the related field. You could find everything - from the new technologies till new tastes and ideas, from baking machine till ice-cream with the taste you never expected. All in all - a perfect time spent with pleasure. INTERNORGA took place traditionally in Hamburg exhibition hall. 12 halls were crowded with food, drinks, furniture, technologies, real gourmets and hungry eyes :)

Cute, sweet and funny.
This year was full with premieres. Craft Beer Arena was a special highlight of this year's event.  19 breweries with about 90 sorts of beer could literally take the breath away. Newcomers' area was a big surprise for us. Among the variety of food and drinks we tasted during 3 hours of investigation are: coconut water, 5 sorts of guacamole, dried under special vacuum technology fruits and vegetables, ice cream, bread with goat cheese, light and fresh white wine with grape juice,  hand-made coctails from a manufacturer in Dusseldorf etc.

Tired but very happy we left the exhibition halls. I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures, I was so excited that forgot to take camera with me. And, of course, the pictures won't transfer you there. But at least some of the major points are visible. If you have a chance to visit Hamburg in March, I would strongly recommend you to attend INTERNORGA as the best source of new trends. No matter what you are interested in - hotel business, bakery, restaurant, catering service, - you will completely fulfill all the gaps in your knowledge and curiosity here. Hope you enjoy the summary from me.

Keep my hand on pulse of all new and exciting for you.

Take care!
Making pasta is a charming process. Especially in such gentle hands...

Dishes, furniture, whatever you need - Internorga provides you with everything.

Gelato World Cup 2016. Selection round.

Easter is coming! 

Coffee machine :)

Coffee beans and trees:)

Wide range of fooooooooood!!!

Easter rabbits are everywhere...

Chocolate is always a good idea :)

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