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15 August 2015

Chocolate dipped dried plums

Who has never ever had hunger cravings?! We all did... In my everyday life I observe people prioritizing work more than anything else: health, family, friends, yourself... Unfortunately we get in a trap trying to prove the best performance at work, unbelievable productivity etc. And then having no time to eat is a usual thing you can hear from as an excuse. But that is not the way to survive. We deserve having time for ourselves, enjoying nice friends' company, taking care of our family. Moreover, we always have to reserve time for our eating habits as this has the biggest impact on the other spheres: work, ability to think, analyze, being productive, happy etc. I can write the list much longer... But is it worth to?! We just have to understand one thing: Taking care about our nutritional habits will make a much bigger outcome than working overtime months through. Now back to the recipes :)

As I already mentioned, hunger cravings are a common thing. But taking them into everyday life will only cause a lot of health problems, weight gain and stress. To avoid them: STOP eating sweets-crackers-bounty-mars-twix-whatever-unhealthy-staff instead of lunch. BEGIN cooking for your body and taking care!

The recipe of this post comes actually from my motherland. A widespread and typically from regional manufacturer these sweets became one of the most favorite things I usually ask for when someone visits us and asks what to bring from Ukraine. Today I decided to prepare piece of my motherland at home. Easy, quick and tasty! I bet these sweets will not live until tomorrow even :)

Ingredients: (outcome: 12 sweets)

12 dried plums, pitted
12 pieces of greek nuts
30 g dark chocolate (I chose 85% cacao)

Stuff each plum with small piece of nut. Shape to form round shape. Set aside. 

Instead of nuts, you may always be creative and use marzipan, dried ginger, dried cranberries. It's up to you.

Now let's melt chocolate. Place it into small bowl, set in pot of hot (not boiling) water over low heat; allow to melt, stirring until smooth.
Remove chocolate from heat. With the help of a fork, dip dried plums into chocolate; drain excess. Put them on the baking sheet and place in the refrigerator immediately until set.

When chocolate is set, you may finally enjoy the perfect taste combination. Sweet, yet in moderation, healthy.

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