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26 February 2017

How To Grow Cress Indoors?

  Spring is coming... Rare but brightly shines the sun and it brings so much of positive emotions! In order to be fully prepared for spring I decided to detox my body during the #Iquitsugar challenge. As you have already read in my posts some time ago, I have already done this challenge and showed you a lot of recipes that can be cooked during this time. 14 days I teach my body to live without added sugar. As a result I can easily live without eating all the chocolate around me. I get rather picky than "just-give-me-smth-sweet" type :) And my taste gets more sensitive to every sweetness in the food. Plus skin gets smooth and clean. All in all a good start or RESET!

Additionally I decided to add some more vitamins into my nutrition plan. And therefore I grew cress at home and right now will show you how to grow cress indoors. You might have already seen my previous post about cress. Today I want to show you the whole breath-taking process...

Well, first of all you need the seeds. Those you can buy in any home improvement or garden store as well as online.

Next time you buy some vegetables save the plastic food container from a grocery store. Line it with paper tissue or a kitchen towel. Wet the paper and sprinkle the seeds over the surface. Do not make the seeds swim under water. They just need to be wet. Otherwise they will dry out.

Cover your tray with cling film. Put it in a dark place for the first 2-3 days. All you need to do is just sprinkle them with water once a day regularly. Below  you can see how they look day by day.

On Day 3 I took the cling film off and left the tray on the window. It is unbelievable to see how it turns green during the day. And then again daily just sprinkle it with water evenly. 

On the Day 7 I have already enjoyed my home-grown cress during breakfast. And it tastes so fresh and good!!!

Believe me: Cress is worth growing because it’s filled with vitamin C (even more than orange), has anti-cancer effect, is good for your eyes and teeth. You can use it just purely or sprinkle over your food. 

Enjoy every day and see beauty in small things!
 Have a wonderful start of spring!

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