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16 October 2014

Cook your food - explore and enjoy

The process of cooking is the main link in the food chain: between the point of buying the ingredients and the moment of eating the fresh-made dish. Therefore cooking is the most important phase if you do care about your health and the health of the people you are cooking for.

Nowadays people prefer to buy some staff full of harmful conservatives than to cook clean meal with simple ingredients. Others have someone to cook for them which seems quite a good idea;) But not affordable for the majority.

Just think about it. If you cook your food you choose the ingredients. Of course you want the best for you and your family. That is why you will probably buy rather a nice fresh piece of meat than a no-idea-what-it's-made-of Cordon Bleu in a department of frozen food. You will not use additives. You will not cook junk food. That's quite messy everyday. You will not use the cheaper replacement as you are cooking for yourself and not for thousands of consumers. As a result you have healthy home-made food on your dinner table. The more love you invest, the healthier your family will be.

I often hear replies like "I don't have time for cooking" or "Oh no, it takes so much time. I'd better eat somewhere out or buy hamburger on my way". Wake up! We always find time to post our selfies on Facebook or search for some information in internet. Cooking connects us with our bodies. The time you're investing in it will come back in the form of good health, strong relationships in your family and positive thinking of your children. Cooking can be a good way to spend your time together with your children or partner.

Mark Bittman in his article "Kitchen Little" (May 7, 2013; New York Times) wrote "Cooking is not so much a matter of right or wrong but of learning what you like." and I totally agree with every single word. The whole phase of cooking allows you to combine tastes and flavors that you like, find out new combinations, forms and colors. And you will see that the field for your creations is endless.

Cook your food.
Explore and enjoy!

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