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29 October 2014

Marzipan hearts in dark chocolate

Whatever you want - chocolate is the answer ;) And when it comes in a combination with marzipan what can be better?!

I couldn't keep aside when the shelves of the supermarkets are packed with a wide range of Christmas sweet-stuff. So I decided to make the most popular sweets at home.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Marzipan hearts in dark chocolate!

Actually marzipan is made of almond paste. There are different types of it. For example, Niederegger Marzipan is produced from fine raw marzipan paste (100%). Lübeck Edelmarzipan (fine marzipan)
is produced from raw marzipan paste (90%) and added sugar (10%). Lübeck marzipan is produced from raw marzipan paste (70%) and then processed with an added sugar content of 30%. Marzipan for consumption is produced from 50% raw paste and 50% sugar. Marzipan has a very interesting history and was used firstly as a medical treatment of course;)  The first Europeans to indulge in marzipan were kings and rich people. It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth I of England, who lived from 1533 to 1603, was addicted to all things sweet. Sounds familiar? :)

Yes, we love sweets and chocolate. I will tell you even more. It is a good treat when used in moderation. Moreover - when made at home using the best ingredients. Choose dark chocolate. Its healthier than any other type and contains even such vitamins and minerals:
- Potassium
- Copper
- Magnesium
- Iron.

Dark chocolate is good for your brain. It also contains several chemical compounds that have a positive effect on your mood and health. Phenylethylamine (PEA), discovered in dark chocolate, is the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you're falling in love. PEA encourages your brain to release endorphins, so eating dark chocolate will make you feel happier.

By dark chocolate I mean those bars that contain more than 70% of cocoa.

Making sweets is quick and simple. You will need a  special form. Choose the one you love the most. Mine makes 12 heart-shaped sweets. The quantity of the ingredients may vary according to the form you have. To make 12 marzipan hearts in dark chocolate you will need:

100 g dark chocolate (mine contains 85% cocoa)
60 g marzipan

Divide marzipan mass into 12 parts and form 12 balls. Melt the chocolate in a small saucepan at a medium heat. Fill 1/3 of every form with melted chocolate, put one marzipan ball into every form and then pour the rest of the chocolate so that every form is full.

Put your form into a fridge to cool down if you are in a hurry or let it cool down at room temperature.
Here they are: sweet, smooth with delicate note of marzipan.... And the mood goes higher and higher!!!! Yummy!

Have a sweet day! Hugs and kisses!

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