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4 December 2014

Fresh figs with Roquefort and balsamic cream

Big company is always a lot of fun. At the times of celebrations you can often find yourself hesitating... What to cook?! Of course, it should be something special - the occasion is always special. And preferably cooked very quickly and easy. For those days I have a great decision: figs. No, not simply figs, and not dried ones... I mean those fresh figs with a little piece of Roquefort under the balsamic topping. Perfect little appetizer you just HAVE to try.

Here we go;)

There is a great variety of cheese on the shelves of the supermarkets. If you prefer some other cheese instead of Roquefort you can add your own touch: goat cheese, gorgonzola, ricotta, blue cheese... Take your time and feel your heart. The amount in my case is made for two, keep that in mind when you have a big party.

2 fresh figs
20g Roquefort
1 tsp balcamic cream

Wash the figs and make on each of them a cross-shaped incision. Open them a little like a flower. Here you get some place for Roquefort. Don't hesitate to put about 10g of the cheese in your flowers and top them with balsamic cream. 

Ready! Easy, quick and chic! 

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