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8 April 2015

Vitamin Boost Smoothie

Spring, sun, warmth... Welcome to the season, when looking out of the window makes you smile. This is the season when we were not lazy to wake up even at 8 a.m. on Sunday to go to Fischmarkt. Because there is a huge advantage of living in Hamburg. Cheap fruit and vegetables, fish and wide range of other staff. Just limited for couple of hours every Sunday. And that is the reason to open the season :) It's smoothie time.

After winter our bodies are exhausted. Lack of vitamins has impact on all the systems. The best way to start smoothly new season - smoothie.

Of course, you can be creative enough during the smoothie-making-process. Choose whatever you like, add exotic ingredients and enjoy. For this particular "Vitamin Boost" smoothie you will need:

1 ripe mango
1 apple
2 mandarins
carambola to serve

Step 1: Easier couldn't be: wash the fruits, peel them and blend them all in a kitchen machine.

Step 2: Drink, enrich your body with vitamins and energy. And enjoy :)

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